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Introducing The Solar Race Car V2

by Marc Andrews on December 06, 2022
solar race car V2

Just before the year 2022’s end we’re happy to introduce our latest product, the DIY Solar Race Car 2 from TOYLOGS. As the name suggests this is the sequel of the first version that was released a couple of years back. With a new, modern design and a few tweaks, this model car kit is surely an improvement to the previous model. We listened to our customer’s feed-back and made a few improvements, especially on how the motor is being installed and used to spin the back wheel’s axle. To install the motor horizontally we had to change the axle gear which now is bigger but also adds power. Same as before the solar panel measures 60x60mm which can supply up to 2V at 200Ma. The 3V electric motor can reach a speed up to 2600, locked rotor current at 1.7A which has been a standard for many years. The wheels are also bigger than the previous model , measuring 3.2cm in diameter which adds some speed but also helps with the more modern looks. The body of the car was also lowered, making it look more like a modern race car. The Solar Race Car V2 also features a new type of laser cut on the hood which makes possible the bended look. The updated stickers in red and blue have been made to fit the new look, making it easy to customize it in various ways. The car measures 7 inches in length, being 4.25 inches wide and 2.25 inches tall.

This is one of the very few racing model car kits that features a solar panel on the market. It is a simple build (15-20 min) that kids will enjoy putting together but also play with it in the sun. It is a great way to keep them engaged and encourage them to play more time outdoors. There is no need to use glue and the toy has been tested to meet all quality and environmental standards required in the US. This way you can be sure that kids are not exposed to chemicals or dangerous materials while building and playing with this model car kit. Thinking about getting more than one? Kids will surely love it to race their siblings or their friends with these. Check out our promo page for discounts when you buy more than one, bulk order discounts are also available.

solar model car kit
solar powered DIY toy
solar power toy
model car kit solar

Much like the first Solar Race Car this one is great for science school projects to teach kids about clean, renewable energy. Summer camps can also organize such activities that are educational, engaging and fun.

The Solar Race Car retail price is $19.99 with discounts on the official website for additional units purchased and occasional sales. You can get yours here. The official manufacturer’s age recommendation is 8 and up. If you want your kids to get more from a toy this is a great choice, they will have fun and learn something useful along the way. Even more, racing with others would actually make it even more fun.