Solar Race Car Troubleshooting

Solar Powered Car

Before packaging all solar panels and motors for the Solar Race Car are checked to make sure they function properly. If once installed the race car is not running when fully exposed in the sun please check the following:

  • The wheels are not too tight inserted into the axles. Sometimes when pushed in too hard the wheels get too close to the wooden carriage and touch the edges which makes the car not move. Solution – pull the wheels apart a little and adjust the axle position relative to the carriage by moving the white spacers on the axle until it moves easily. 
  • The white gear ring on the axle is connected too tight to the orange motor which makes the back axle not to put the car in motion. Solution – pull apart the 2 gears just enough to stay connected but not too tight 

If the car is still not running even after troubleshooting it as mentioned above you can get in touch with us at contact@toylogs.com